Monday, January 28, 2008

Dotson Salutes - An actress Dotson once worked with.

I went to a funeral today. I thought I was just going to a memorial service, but it wasn't until I got to the cemetery with my Scorpio filmmaker friend and his Capricorn photographer wife that I realized we were going to a burial.

The woman who passed away was an actress I met on a film that was shot during the summer of 2005. In the movie, she played my grandmother. I hadn't seen her since then, but she made quite an impression on me.

My Scorpio filmmaker friend was the director of this movie, and he got an email last week from one of her sons that she had died. She had been visiting another son in India and had a heart attack.

(I was thinking about posting her name in the blog, as I'm sure she wouldn't mind. She was an actress , yo! She'd love the publicity!! But maybe her family wants to keep things chill. So I'm gonna leave her name out.)

One of her sons came up to us at the funeral and talked to me and my friends. He talked A LOT, actually! I was happy that he talked a lot, though, because his mom also talked a lot, so it was nice to see he was carrying on his mother's tradition. He was a very interesting guy. He was brought up Jewish but had converted to Hinduism years ago. He was dressed in Hindu garb and had yellow paint on his nose. This was the son who she had gone to visit in India.

There was a Rabbi there and he did a very nice eulogy in honor of the actress. Then he went around and shook everyone's hand. Because of where I was standing, he walked up to me first to shake my hand. At first I wasn't sure if he wanted me to shake his hand or give him "five" because he extended his hand out at an angle like this---

When people shake my hand I'm used to them offering their hand at this angle---

So I hesitated for a split-second, just long enough to have the thought "Why would this guy want me to give him 'five' at a funeral?" and then I decided to go for the handshake, which was the right choice.

In 1998 I'd had the most awkward handshake of my life with then-University of Minnesota basketball player Miles Tarver at a Green Mill Restaurant in Minneapolis.

I am relieved to say that I did not repeat that awkwardness today with the Rabbi.


I am happy to have known this actress and I am grateful to have been invited to celebrate her life with her family and friends this afternoon.

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