Friday, January 2, 2009

Rodrigo is Furious - Crappy Movies

Today I had the worst day of my life. I went to the movie theatre to see a movie. The movie theatre had 14 movies that were playing. The problem was I didn't want to see any of them. One of the movies was called "The Wrestler" that starred Mike Rourke. I'm told it is supposed to be depressing. That is the only movie I even kind of wanted to see.

My girlfriend did not want to see that movie, so that movie was not an option.

There was another movie playing called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttocks." That movie was not something I wanted to see. It starred two people named Brad Pitts and Kate Blanket. They better hope they don't get sued by "The Curious Case of George." That was one of my favorite books as a child and I don't remember a scary old man being in that. If "Benjamin Buttocks" is supposed to be a remake of "The Curious George," then it is by far the worst remake I have ever seen. But I didn't see it. I won't see it. I don't know why they even bother giving out Academy Awards anymore.

After we left the movie theater very disappointed, I went to buy a heat patch at the drug store and when the cashier gave me change, I noticed one of the nickels was from 1953.

My name is Rodrigo.

Dotson Salutes - Rodrigo

There is no more Dotson. There is only Rodrigo.